The Weekly Tarjuman-ul-Haq was started in the year 1970 initially from Sopore, Kashmir by our organizational District Unit of Islamic Study Circle J&K in District Baramulla. Later on during 1974, it was formally published by Islamic Study Circle J&K from its Head Office in Srinagar. The publication of this Weekly News Paper continued without any break till 1989 when a very abnormal position had emerged in Kashmir, the Management suspended its publication. However, after a break of 23 years, it was re-started from Srinagar in December, 2013 after obtaining formal permission from the competent authority.  The main purpose of publishing this Weekly News Paper has been right from the beginning to dessiminate the message of Islam in its pristine form as  detailed in the Holy Book of Quran and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

The write-ups of Weekly Tarjuman-ul-Haq cover not only the religious message but addresses the core issues which are faced by the Muslims in particular and the whole humanity in general. Its pivotal objective is aimed to inculcate the message of Quran and Sunnah among the educated masses of our society. In its approach, it has always managed a non-sectarian character so that it does not hurt the religious sentiments of our people who unwittingly sometimes lay more stress on faro’ah than on the fundamentals. It also has been consistently high-lighting the problems faced by Muslim Ummah and trying its level best to awaken the present generation about these issues. It firmly believes in blending the various useful and constructive ideas with the basic message of Islam.

It has further contributed through its writ-ups in strengthening the unity among Muslims and projecting the message of Islam before the whole humanity. Through its serious type of contents, it has been well received by the intelligentsia and greatly appreciated by the general public and  has established its position not only in our social milieu  in Kashmir but throughout India. In its efforts to awaken humanity to the message of Islam in its right perspective, we feel that it has made an impact and is enjoying a satisfactory reputation among the people. It does not believe in sensationalizing the issues but portrays a passionate approach so that it contributes in the emancipation of our society under the divine message of Islam.

[ Dr.Yusuf-ul-Omer ]
Islamic Study Circle J&K.